How do I create an autocomplete dropdown/input field?

This post is exactly what I would like to do but I’m new to Bubble and didn’t get what @jordanfaucet or how @bogwood got it to work at the end.

I would appreciate if someone could give some step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

The goal is to automatically populate the input field with the “number of qubits” and the circuit based on the selected circuit.

For example, if I choose bell circuit > number of qubits gets populated with the value ‘2’ and the build circuit field gets populated with the value ‘HI,CN.’ See below for screenshots.

Similarly, if Shor (factor 15) is selected, number of qubits gets populated to ‘7’ and circuit is ‘HHHIIII,IICINII,IICIINI,IIICINI,ICINICI,IIICINI,IIIINIC,ICIICIN,HIIIIII,CPIIIII,IHIIIII,CITIIII,ICPIIII,IIHIIII.’

Can someone provide some guidance? Thank you!

Just set the default values of those two inputs to the relevant data from the selected circuit.

Thanks for the prompt reply @adamholmes. That’s a brilliant idea. But how do I go about setting different default values for different circuits selected? :->

You can set a default value for each circuit directly on your it Circuit datatype.

I get what you’re saying. I’m just not sure how to do it in Bubble. Mind giving an example with screenshots? :pray:

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