How do I delete an audio file upload when using Audio Recorder and Visualizer

Hello, I have been using Audio Recorder and Visualizer. I understand the uploaded audio gets saved to s3.amazonaws and I am not sure how to delete the files from the s3 data base. Is there a quick workflow to do this?

Also, once a file is uploaded to s3, is it accessible to anyone with the url? Is there a way to make it more private? I have privacy roles on the database elements I use to store the url, but still anyone with that url seems to be able to hear the audio files once uploaded.


Hey there @bubbleguy,

You should be able to find it within your file manager. I haven’t used any of those plugins, but perhaps there might be a way to make it private to the current user?

You can use the delete a file workflow, but you’ll need to save the file url somewhere in your database to do that.

Thanks, I was able to find the links in the file manager, looks like I have to delete them one at a time as there isnt a workflow for deleting a list of uploads