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How do i get the ID of re-occuring scheduled workflows so that i can cancel it?

Users on my app have monthly subscriptions and may want to cancel but i can’t seem to figure out how to get the scheduled workflow ID to allow this. I’ve tried capturing it as a result from creating it but there is no option to select. Any ideas?

@reeceb from my experience it doesn’t quite work like a Scheduled API Workflow.

If a user wishes to cancel, run the same ‘Set/cancel a recurring event’ action but set the frequency as ‘None’.

I’m using this for every subscription, so if a user is subscribed to 5 different people, how do you determine which one to cancel without access to the ID?

@reeceb sure so I assume if a user is subscribed to 5 different people, then there are 5 separate subscription records right?

If a user wants to unsubscribe from person X, then you just set the workflow thing as that subscription.

Sorry i’m not exactly following, so what should the workflow reference? This is what it looks like:

This is what the setup for the scheduled workflow looks like:

Okay, so do you have anything in the database that tells you what subscriptions a certain person has?

I see in one of your earlier screenshots that you have a subscription data type but you were creating it after setting the recurring reminder.

Ideally you should have a subscription data type and be setting the recurring event based on that, not the User as part of this specific workflow. The reason for this is two fold, (a) so that you can easily set the subscription you need to cancel and (b) so that users could subscribe to more than 5 different people.

Are you charging people as part of the Monthly_subscription workflow?

Hey mate,
Thanks a lot for the help, all solved now and i even added an API workflow based off my subscription to unsubscribe people on a specific date. For those who have a similar question in the future, the process is quite simple:

I created a subscription data type to capture all the relevant data:

I then fed this into a recurring workflow where i charge the user:

From the subscription i was able to push that into a repeating group for a subscription management section with an unsubscribe button. Hope this helps guys :slight_smile:

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Cool, glad you got it sorted.

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