How to Schedule Repeating API Workflow?

How can i schedule a repeating workflow for the life of the User on a monthly basis at a specific date/time?

I use Zapier…they have a ZAP for that

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Yes but if you want to have it scheduled on the same date the user signed up, i.e. Monthly, how can you do this inside of Zapier?

Seems you can only run it on a monthly basis at a fixed date, for example the 1st of every month, which doesn’t take into consideration when the user signed up.

You can schedule a recurring event after the creation of something, which would mean it’s scheduled in the future at that date. In the example below my workflow is scheduled daily, but there’s the monthly option shown.

You can verify they’re set in the scheduler - shown below. In this case I bulk scheduled these on my existing records which is why the times appear very close to one another.

Showing another example in the server logs, of creating a similar type (campaign event) and scheduling recurring event on it.

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What about cancelling the scheduled workflows / events when the user cancels their subscription?

How can you cancel all of the events / schedules? Is it possible?

Basically my instance is the user signs up and they get monthly credits applied to their account ($20/mo) for the life of their subscription… it should begin on the signup date and recur on a monthly basis thereafter. When the user cancels it should also cancel all of their ‘credits’ so that no more credits are applied to their account.

I am not sure, but this may help answer your question. I have not yet used the Cancel workflow option, but will soon.

Here’s the solution - had to do a bit of digging myself, as it’s non intuitive :wink:

Essentially, run the recurring event workflow on the item with a frequency of ‘none’.

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