How do I give a user an ID (screen name)?

I have an app called image uploader where users sign up to upload images. This is what it looks like:

Underneath the picture (in this case, ‘happyshroom’) I would like a user ID (display name) to display so people know who uploaded. In my sign up form, I have a box for an ID. The form looks like this: How do I save the ID to my ‘User’ type in my database? I am fairly new to Bubble and will need a detailed explanation.
If it helps, here’s my sign up workflow:image

You want to change another field.
Somewhere to store the Username/Pagename. Id is iffy choice for this field name.
You should keep it conventional.

If youre using social signup/login you make changes to current user with an action directly after
My users enter a pagename on a different workflow
Youre probably going to want to use regex & search for existing usernames
before allowing sign up

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So if my input box is called ‘Image Uploader ID’ and my database list is ‘ID’ then ‘ID = Image Uploader ID’s value’?

thanks beau :white_check_mark:

Um, what do you mean?

Okay, thanks! I don’t really understand the third point, how to search for existing names. If you have time, could you tell me how?

Here I search for users by page name & make sure pagename doesnt already exist.
Here I display a text if that user already exists.

What is the ‘regrex pattern’?

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Beau, I don’t know if you’ll see this or not, but if you do: Sorry to have seemed so pushy and ungrateful. I really appreciate the work and all those code details you put up, it’s just that some of it raised more questions for me and I got carried away asking those without saying thanks first. Sorry. I’m really new to this, especially things like regex (and much of bubble actually!). I’ll try look up the patterns and understand what you have suggested.
For now, all I was trying to understand was how to save a text field to a database and then find it again on another page. I’ll keep trying, and hopefully I can understand the more advanced things you wrote about later on when I get to trying to check for duplicate names and those things.
Thanks again for taking your time to write, and sorry to have come off the wrong way.