How do i make input box is invalid if the value duplicates my database


i am currently trying to figure out do i make an input box is invalid of the user’s name/email is already in my database. basically just to prevent a duplicate in my system.

Rather that do something to the input box …

You can also add a condition to the “Save” button or whatever you are using to progress the input form. So stop the user from progressing and tell them what the error is.

You just search the database and count the number of fields that already have this value.

sorry but im a little confused. is that condition in the picture is input’s condition or the save button

basically i want to prevent the user to create a new workspace if the firm’s name is already in the database

That was the input.

here is the button, which is much the same …

hope my screenshot can provide u with a better view on what im trying to achieve

It is a lot easier to stop the user entering the data in the first place, rather than pushing it to the workflow and then not saving, and somehow triggering a popup.

so i should just follow your condition on my save button?

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btw got it!!! Thank you very much!!!

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