Is it doable in Bubble?(Can Users Create or Delete Data?)

Hi, Bubblers.
I’m learning Bubble to build my own app.

While I was trying to set up an Admin. page for Vendors, I had to pause and think whether this is possible.

I’m creating an app.
In the app, there are 2 different users: ‘Vendors’ and ‘Customers’.
Each vendor has their own page in the app.
I hope each vendor users set their own ‘Categories’ and ‘Items’ to be displayed in the app like below.

For example, there are 3 categories: Toys for Toddler, Musical Toys and Toys related with Movie.
I hope a vendor user can create categories on their own and underneath there are the vendor’s items that belong to each categories.

Can I make it collapse by clicking the arrow button?

I hope when the vendor creates 5 categories, there should be 5 categories and their items to be shown.

Is this doable in Bubble? If so, How can I do it?

Thank you for reading.

hi yes totally doable,
just use hide and show on click or use element called group focus

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Thank you @nurzhan !

Then how about category part?

Can an user creates categories and sets items to be belong to the categories?

yes it can be done :grinning:

for example, imagine you want to buy something from Amazon, before you order it, you put it(them) to basket and that basket can be shown only to current user, use same mechanic here

so in your shoes i would do next

step 1. you create new custom data type called userCategory with title and maybe icon field you need

step 2.
Go to User and create currentCategory and relate it to category

step 3
Create page where user can manage his categories
and add rule that it’s availiable only for currentUser, so every user can create own categories.

Extra step 4
in future you will need to filter them wisely, most easy way for me was Send Data in URL and on Recieving page i made workflow that would triger event Dispay list at RG to filter and sort RG

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Hi @nurzhan

I’m trying to test your way.
But, Can you show me how to set ‘Privacy Rule’ for data available only for currentUser? on Step 3?


I tried to display a list of ‘currentCategory’ on Group and toggle Groupfocus of each currentCategory items.
But when I click a button to show ‘Groupfocus’. It doesn’t push down a Group underneath like this.

I also tried RG but Groupfocus appears very bottom of the RG.
How can you do it?

Thank you @nurzhan

hey i will try to help you with solution, PM me with your discord
lets solve it together ;D

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Thank you! @nurzhan
I will message you!
I first want to figure out hard enough then I will message with screenshots.

Thank you again,

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