Trying to create a product listing function for users

Hello! I am new to bubble and programming as a whole. I am trying to create a workflow in my app that allows any user to list a product on our C2C marketplace app. now, i have the wireframe of this function written out on paper and in my head but I just cant seem to figure out the process to get it to work.


click “sell now” button → opens new page or window with list of fillable forms (reference: image 1 for what I have in my data section). → seller lists all the relevant info and clicks submit. → the listing is then posted to the page that holds the category it is listed under.

There are alot of other things I want to add into it but I can’t do any of it without this workflow established. I am using the EZ marketplace template and would appreciate help!

Using a template being new to Bubble and to programming will be challenging.

Suggestion. Invest a few days watching and reading how tos.

Perhaps a quick walkthru video could also be helpful:

Build a full SCRUD application without code with Bubble in 25 minutes