How do you automate your tasks?

I wanted to automate a large portion of my tasks in tools like Make and Zapier (connected to my Bubble app), but it turned out to be too manual and time-consuming. I don’t want to spend weeks mapping out my process and trying to think of ways to automate everything I do across Zapier / Make / n8n / random RPA tools.

How do you guys solve for this?

It actually went so far that I started to build a task mining + process mapping + automation suggestions app (taskmole. co). All in one, MVP is available. You install it on your computer and it records everything you do, then distills it into simple reports that show you the automation potential of your processes in popular tools like Zapier / Make / n8n. But like… surely others have found a solution to this - thing is I haven’t!

Any tips and feedback would be much appreciated.

Isn’t this your solution, or is there something that the MVP is not capable of performing?

If you don’t start automating your processes, even if little by little, at some point it will completely consume you and you will waste your entire day performing repetitive tasks or you will need to hire people to do it. One way or another, you will lose money.

I know absolutely nothing about your projects, but everything in my projects is automated (all automation basically runs in Bubble, with scheduled workflows). Sending reminders, WhatsApp messages, emails, sending invoices, blocking access, sending reports, even paying bills and making bank transfers for clients in scheduled days…

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Yeah but I wanted to ask what others have done… maybe I didn’t need to build anything in the first place (took me weeks of work) haha

yeah but you built it and have it now, so must be a solid solution for you…maybe you are the first to build such a thing :wink:

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Here are a few strategies that might help streamline your automation efforts:

  1. Start Small: Begin with automating simple, repetitive tasks. This will give you quick wins and help you understand the nuances of the tools you’re using.
  2. Template Libraries: Utilize existing automation templates from platforms like Zapier and Make. These templates can save you a lot of time and effort.
  3. Consult Experts: Consider consulting with automation experts who can help map out your processes and recommend the most efficient automation strategies.
  4. Process Documentation: Document your workflows and identify bottlenecks or repetitive tasks that are prime candidates for automation.
  5. Task Mining Tools: Continue developing and refining Taskmole. There’s a growing need for tools that can automatically identify and suggest automation opportunities. Gathering feedback from users will help you improve the tool and potentially uncover new features that address common pain points.