How do you empty parameters sent from another page?

Hello. I have workflows where the user is capable of doing a search on three different pages, two of those pages navigate to the main search page. Those two pages have parameters sent to main page where the search is executed.

The problem is that when I try to execute a new search from the main page, after having navigated from the other two pages, the parameter isn’t empty and doesn’t recognize the input value relating to the new search. The search executes fine (actually shows the users pertaining to the search) but I have a text that is intended to show how many users are in the area of the user who is executing the search. Sorry if I’m all over the place.

This first screen shot is before an executed search.

This search is executed from the main search page. I click on one of the users to be taken to their page. If i do another search from that user’s page, It brings me back to the main search page, which it should. I send search parameters back to the main search page and I get the result I want.

However, when I execute another search from the main search page (after having navigated back to the main search page) the parameter isn’t empty. Even when I placed a button (New Search) and change the constraints for a new search.


Again, I have a text element that displays how many users are near the current user’s address and I have conditions set up to show this based on the search that is executed.




I’m lost at how to clear the parameter to execute another search.

Any thoughts from anyone?

Have you tried the “clear list” action on your repeating group?

Could you clarify what parameters you want to have emptied?
The search input, the page URL, the text with how many professionals in area or also the repeating group?

Some general ideas that may work:
-by using the workflow action: “go to page” you can select the same page, this time free of get profession=
-If you had to, you could pass on the profession using a text state, if you are staying on the same page.
-Putting the repeating group and text in a group, and using reset group for that or reset input for your search input may help too.

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Sorry. to clarify, I am trying to empty the URL parameters. I have tried the “update datasource and autosearch” and also “reset input and autosearch” element actions.

From the two other pages that only search for the “profession” of the user, I have to navigate away from them to the main page where the search is executed. The main page is the page that has the RG list of users. The other two pages is a Home page and the User’s Profile page.

I just tried this option, and it gives me a totally different problem. It seems to disable my autosearch functionality. but I don’t think it stems from the RG. I think it has something to do with the conditions that I have set on the text element or maybe something to do with autosearch input.

The first option I wrote, with resetting the search by having a button that resets the URL via go to page (keeping profession empty) should still work.

I assume the problem is that your input has as its default and placeholder the value in the URL and your search autocorrect has the input as its search value. this chain of depending on the URL for the search needs to be broken when a new search is entered: e.g. by a workflow

create a new workflow in the workflow tab go on add/new.
if an inputs value is changed (your search input)
reset group in which you put the search and
go to page (that same main search page) with profession = inputs value

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