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How I can hide element in cell from repeating group


I have a repeating group of users with roles.
And when I log in on account with role Manager HR, I shouldn’t see my cell and other Manager HR’s dropdowns. Because I can remove my role and them I will lose control.
The question is: How can I realize that?

Thanks in advance,

Hi there, @Maks… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you need to add a constraint to the repeating group’s search to only show users whose role is worker. Is that what you are trying to do?


No I should see all users, but I shouldn’t can be able to change my “Manager HR” role, because when I change my role on “worker”., I can’t get my role back.
I can record a video how it looks now

Ah, okay… in that case, you should be able to add a condition to the dropdown element that says it is only visible when the current cell’s user’s role is Worker. You could also leave the dropdown visible but make it disabled when the current cell’s user’s role is Manager HR.

No, to dropdown have access only Manager HR role. Maybe I recond video and show how I want to?

I’ve tried to explain in details


I can’t see the video… it’s marked as private.

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Try now, I open access

Thanks for recording the video… it’s clear now that you simply want to stop the current user from being able to change their own role from Manager HR to Worker. In that case, a condition that disables the dropdown when the current cell’s user is the current user should do the trick.

I tried that, but it hide all dropdowns, not only of my user cell

Look here

I just made a quick example on my end, and this condition works as expected.

You can obviously replace the disabled option with making the element not be visible if that’s what you want.

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Thank you, I put one change to your condition, put “On” above “when”.
Looks like that works )

Thank you :wink:


Happy to help. Oh, by the way, the on/off toggle for a condition only effects it in the editor (so you can see what a condition will look like when it’s true vs. when it’s not true). The toggle has no effect on the condition in your actual app (in other words, you can’t turn conditions on or off in your app by using that toggle).

I will remember that )

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