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RG show/hide GROUP or button on current cell based on logged in User

I would like to be able to SHOW/HIDE the edit button in each cell based on whether the owner is the logged-in user or not

Does this have something to do with privacy rules? Based on what I am seeing in some of the videos/tutorials I am watching this applies to the data not groups

No this doesn’t have to do with Privacy rules.

I don’t know how your repeating group is structured but the solution will be something like this:

  1. Select the Edit button
  2. Go to the “Conditional” tab in the editor window
  3. Click “Define another condition”
  4. In the “When” field write “current user is not the current cell’s owner”
  5. Click the dropdown “Select a property to change when true”
  6. Select “This element is visible” from the dropdown
  7. Leave the checkmark unchecked

Notes: Note that I put “is not” in the conditional


Worked like a charm!

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