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How is documentation search built?

I was looking at the Bubble documentation page in edit mode because I’m looking for a way to search across multiple types and wasn’t really sure what I was looking at.

it seems the search works through API (everything related -well the basics to start- is still on my list of things to dive in deeper) but I cant see any API workflows and not sure where the ‘Search content’ comes from.

Is this something anyone has copied? Is it something that is achievable only through Bubble or does it require something else?

Basically my goal is to allow searches for a name or reference number which would bring up everything related to this term across types: invoices, quotes, files etc.

This something custom using the Google Custom Search API. You maybe be able to use this with the API connector, but it depends on google indexing your pages…

Ok thanks. Would you mind elaborating a bit on why you made this choice? What does this have that Bubble out of the box search won’t?

Something like searching across different type of things with one search box, would that be possible using just the Bubble tools?

The way you set it up in the documentation section looks really cool and seems to work really well.

This is because we want to show results of thins that aren’t on bubble (blog post and forum). While you can’t do searches across types in bubble you can have more than one repeating group and do multiple searches on different types.

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when you say multiple searches, you mean multiple search input fields that search a different type each or could you search for type X AND search for type Y?

No, you can’t merge two searches, but you can have more than one rep group.

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