How much does a website cost? Bubble v an agency

I was browsing Reddit yesterday and I stumbled across a site that calculates how much a website would cost for an agency to build:

I had a quick go and to build a functional site like Bubble can will set you back $25-30,000!

Shows how good value Bubble really is.


You can check how much a website cots here . In this page you can find out information about :
2.Login system
3.User Accounts
4.User engagement
5.Payment module.

you can use a programmer I used during my own time . He is way cheaper than the other guys we have been using .


There is no simple answer to the question “How much does website cost”. I can say it like marketer. Calculators on the internet are also unreliable, an individual approach is used for each site. You can read this article: or write me. I’ll be glad to help.