How often does Bubble/Cloudflare configure added domains?

When a user adds a domain to their Bubble app, what exactly does bubble do with Cloudflare in order to configure it?

Its been about 6 hours since I added a domain. The Regsitrar I use is lightening quick with DNS changes. I can configure subs to other IPs and see instant results so I know its just down to whatever Bubble does with Cloudflare and when. This is further validated as I get a cloudflare 403 forbidden page.

Is it a script Bubble cron so I will wake up tomorrow and its connected? (This is my hunch).

Would just be good to know. The downside is I can’t work on the App until the Cloudflare configuration is complete.

Issue Resolved for me.

Turns out the Domain provider I was using had some default CAA certs. This meant Cloudflare/Bubble were unable to provision SSL certs thus preventing the configuration. After removing these it worked.

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