How to add a booking system with availabilities to a calendar

Hello everybody.

I am trying to find a solution to add a booking system into the platform I am working.

Basically, in the same page I have a tourism product in which has a calendar next to it that should display its days available as green color for each day available.

We already have a platform built in django but now we are translating this platform to bubble and all the solutions I have seen are only to show time within the calendar (like google calendar).

Is there any plugin or tutorial that I could follow that would help me with it?

Thank you very much

It this is more of a Calendly like booking setup, you can check out my TopCal plugin, videos and template:

TopCal Plugin Example

Top Calendar Template

If the schedule and availability should be more AirBnB style (multi days) then you may need to use different logic but these should help kickstart your learning.

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This sounds great, close to perfect but do you know any free solution?

I do not, but the large majority of the TopCal setup is based around how to structure your data and logic to work with schedules, and all of that is free in the TopCal example app. So it can get you close and you might be able to write some of your own javascript functions to get it the rest of the way depending on your exact use case / desired UX

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