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How to add search of links and words like bubble's

Hello, I need some help here.
The website I made has more than 100 pages within, how can I make visitors reach a specific page by searching because links are not in database!
Just like this search of bubble

To clarify, did you actually build over 100 pages or you have a page that is used as a template for over 100 pages?

I send page perimeter from every link element. So i need users to be able to search link elements in search.

It looks like this

Okay cool so you have a SPA.

Honestly I think you’re just going to have to build a table to store this data or if you were feeling extra dangerous, build it into an option set (but that could easily become a headache).

Man, Just it’s giving headache

Maybe embed a Programmable Google search into your website

And then Google search will index all your content with a constrained search … possibly easier than sticking your 100 pages in a database table at this point! …maybe

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Thanks man
But this website is to be used in China mainland and Google services can’t pass the firewalls without a vpn. They were banned

oh man, hmmm tricky. SPA and site indexing, content not in a database … hmmmm :frowning_face:

Follow me here😅

What about switching your navigation to a Dataset/page data type to have the site map index dynamically for you.

So page data type will be data type “navigation” or whatever (this also can work with any data like tasks, prospects, etc)

Your “navigation” data type will include:
Page name - text
Slug: (set using set slug action)

When you navigate you will now use “go to page”
Data to send - will be so search for name = (whatever page name)

You will still retain the SPA style instant load and don’t actually navigate it simply adds in the path/slug.

Each group visibility property will now be -
current pages “navigation”title is ____ (page name)

Your database will include rows for all the page (group) names & SEO index optimized slugs.

In settings check - dynamic site map

Bubble will now create up to 500k site map records per page based on the page data types records slugs.

Configure Google post master to track sitemap indexing.

Tell me if I totally missed what you’re struggling with but I think that should handle it for you.


That’s a smart idea @chris.williamson1996 kudos :+1: :+1: :+1:

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