How to add to a second table

So after a few hours of looking around, i am unable to find a way to alter a secondary table record.

I have got a form which creates new records into a database table with the user writing a new id each time, however, I need the CALL ID number to be also placed into a different table called users but for some reason it doesn’t seem to work.

Here’s a few tip: When you don’t know why a setting doesn’t work, check the error list (Top right, you will see X issues). This will give you some information
In your case, this will probably say that you are trying to make change to thing but search return a list of thing. Once you will have set a thing to update, you will be able to choose fields to update.

This should look like: Search for user:first item (or Current user)

If you want to update a list of thing, you need to select Make change to a list of thing.

i have this however, it does the action to only the user currently logged in instead of the floating group current user selected. Is there anyway to make the thing to change is current repeating group user?

Is the button in the RG Cell?
If yes, you should be able to select current cell user.

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Thank you it now works :slight_smile: @Jici

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