How To Build A Tripadvisor Clone Without Code - Bubble

If you’re planning a dream vacation, Tripadvisor is the one-stop travel platform to compare and book travel experiences. If you’re planning to build your own travel comparison product, however, Bubble is the one-stop platform to streamline the development process - all without having to touch a single line of code.

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I really like this tutorial. Not too difficult and does expect you to be creative and add some features to make it fully functional. I am a bit stuck on the simple category constraint on the Things to do page. I have the city constraint working fine but how do I add the constraint to check for category = Day Trips? The interface does not seem to accept the string Day Trips or any string. There must be a trick that I am not aware of
Thanks, Marty

What field does booked users fall under? there are some typos in the field area and in the field types that don’t correlate with the fields we’re advised to create.

Please review and fix. thank you.

Review Thing-to-do - thing to do (What are the options/fields/information for this?)
Things To Do -> Booked Users - List of users (what is the options for this?)

I’ve had to create them and leave them as is.

This is a terrible write up. No examples of the other pages, no link to a functioning model for reference, very poor writeup.

I would like to learn how to use your platform to build my MVP. Someone please reach out with a way to learn using self guided materials. Something like what this guide is supposed to be.