How to build an Input with an Autocomplete feature (Like searchbox)?

Hello Bubble Experts :wave:

I am trying to make an input with an Autocomplete in placeholder (Just like Searchbox)
Is it possible ?
Can anybody show me how to make it?

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 14.32.09

Thanks a lot in advance for your help :pray:

Need to have a group focus that will be under the input when the input is focused. In the group focus need to have a repeating group to show the suggested matches. Need to set the RG datasource to use the inputs value to show the suggested matches.

Might be easier to just use searchbox since it is basically an input with autocomplete, unless it is simply the styling of the searchbox you don’t like.


Hi @boston85719
Thanks for your response
The reason i am not using searchbox is i can’t apply the :filtered to it…

Also when i use the group focus it is showing me the suggested matches in the RG
but i can’t update the input field like this :point_down:
Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 15.27.05

Can you tell me how to achieve it (The input place holder) ?

Thanks :+1:

It’s not possible for input to create the matching text with what user typed as dark and suggested match remaining text light

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@boston85719 Ok thanks :+1:

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