How to calculate the productino environment for my app?

We are developing an app and we would like to know how to calculate the production environment required. Do I have to do this? or do I have to think in another way?
It is my first time, my first app, and my first migration to production.

How do we migrate to production? Do we have to upgrade the plan?

Thanks people.

Hi there, @joaobrunocarneiro… in order to deploy to live, you will need to be on a paid plan. So, check out the pricing plans and determine which one is right for you based on the features they offer. Then, you can also use the subscription planner to see if your estimated workload usage will require you to purchase a workload tier or if you might run into any overage costs.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mikeloc, I will follow tis suggestion and probably return here with new doubts.

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