How to change a type in do a serch for?

I currently face a challenge in my app.
I have a page that has 2 types of content. One is simple, as it is a nr that I can look in one of the databases - and it brings all the other elements - so here - everything is fine.
The other is more problematic - as I would like to change the parameter of do a search for - type - as the data I am looking for, can be in one of my 7 datatbases, which type I choose from a dropdown.
But the do a search for, require me to give a static type of a database it needs to perform a search in.
Is there a way - to change the type (database) parameter in do a search for?
Ideally - through a result of a dropdown list.

A search has to be for a specific type… so no, you can’t dynamically change the type you’re searching for.

Just use conditional actions instead.

That said, you can use dynamic type values if you use the Bubble Data API instead - so maybe that would suit your use case better (although I’m not sure how you’d map the data if it can be one of several different datatypes?)…

Thanks. Very helpful as always!

Still it would be better, if there was such a possibility to change this element via either workflow or maybe a custom state. Maybe Bubble will develop something like that :slight_smile:

While this works like magic - I have a follow up challenge.
I have a repeating group which is changing it’s database depending on dropdown.
On those lists I am displaying elements - links and files(urls).

In normal case, when I have a defined page content (not as a conditional), I have possibility to delete the item from the list, referring to it via workflow.

How can I refer to the list of elements, when they are not defined in any way until the condition kicks in?

make the initial data source the page content and then change the data source based on the valye of the dropdown (make a conditional on the repeating group that is “if dropsown a’s value is ____ then data source is ______”)

@foraanyas Thanks for the solution, thou I think it is more what Adam already suggested above - works with page, doesnt solve the workflow issue.

I cannot refer to this in the workflow, as there I have to chose specific database to search. Do you know How can I solve this?