How to change datatype in workflow?


im struggling with assigning list values in subdata type.

i have a list of selected items of data type “audit checkpoints”. I want to add this list, in a popup, to a thing ‘audit’, but to a different data type, that consists of same fields as ‘audit checkpoints’ with few additional ones, lets call this field ‘checkpoints with score in an audit’

currently im trying to create a new thing - audit, and set list of ‘checkpoints with score in an audit’ to the values of popup repeating group with summary of chosen items on base page.
audit data type consist of few simple fields, and one subdata type ‘checkpoints with score in an audit’.

either a get an empty list in a popup or cannot assign list values due to data type mismatch.

any advice on how to approach this ?

EDIT: Maybe i should add info about the data structure:

list im trying to add is “checklist item” - selected, this should go to:

audit → items to check (list) → checklist item

Hello @mmts welcome to the community! :smiley:

I am not sure I follow. But I think I get the gist of what you describe. So, let me take a stab at this:

Data model

title (text)
checkitems (list of checkitems)
scored checkitems (list of checkitems)

title (text)
score (number)
template? (y/n)


  • Create a list of templated (yes) checkitems
  • Load them to an RG where the user gets to select which of these will be used in an upcoming audit
  • Load the chosen checkitems onto a custom state
  • When the audit is created … create a list of checkitems by copying the chosen template-checkitems and load these new checkitems to the field “checkitems”. Add a next step to change the field template? to “no” for all of them.
  • When the audit takes place you can then score the checkitems and load these to the audit field “scored checkitems” as they are scored (seems that you need things to work this way)

To re-visit how lists are managed in Bubble perhaps these resources can help:

@cmarchan, many thanks for your answer. You got this spot on :slight_smile: Basically i did the workflow and data structure this way. however i was thinking how to connect score to each checkitem, and the thing i came up with was additional data type - scored checkitem, that consists of text field AND an checkitem.

in the setup you have suggested above, i have list of checkitems connected to audit, which works perfectly fine. however i still struggling to grasp how i should make scoring work. as score must be connected to each checkitem.

Why not hold the score within the new checkitem copied from the template?

Do without the field of scored checkitems. Just hold the score in the checkitems that have been created for the new audit.

Simple … is beautiful :sweat_smile:

it seems simple, but i must be missing something. the data type checkitem, does not contain a place for score. and when i tried to add second data type - list of checkitems with score, i had troubles putting the selected checkitems to the new datatype, because of data type mismatch. -_- :frowning: