Multi Dropdown element workflow & Data structure issue

I am trying to Build a basic CRM and i am new to bubble , i want to use multi dropdown element for my (Work type) Category as show in the below screenshot.

I have created an option set for the (work type) items. I would like to know what is the proper way to create a workflow to save this item list on database and also be able to use the data in future to create analyatical charts for example : which worktype item was most common in a month or year and bar chart of worktype items by month.

If you’re asking how to save the list on the Customer Datatype to the Work Type field, you’ll most likely want to use Set List (although it does depend on exactly what you’re trying to do).

I’m not entirely sure I fully understand the second part of your question… but that will depend entirely on exactly what kind of data you’re going to be using, and how you’ll be using it.

thanks adam, i am able to save the Work type list in bubble now using the set list ,
the input data is from option set of text format.

i want to basically get a count of each work type for the current month in a bar chart .
will i be able to do that with storing text data in this set list format ?

I’d generally advise against storing things as texts whenever possible, it makes everything more difficult - in this specific case you should be storing the Option Set values, not text data.

Then you can just search for database entries, created in a given month, that include the particular Option (or Options) you’re dealing with, and use that information however you like (i.e. in a chart somewhere).

Please let me know if this is correct.
Option sets :

This is how i am storing data in Database

So now if the above is correct, I want to create a Pie chart.

Please can you explain, how i will use the data source, value expression and label expression to achieve a Pie chart of Work type Option set data for the month.