How to choose page to load in email confirmation link?

Hello Fellow Bubblers,

Quick question,

Where/How exactly do I choose/update the page that I want to load after the user clicks the email confirmation link?



Hey there @BubbleStudy,

This is an option on the signing a user up action.

Thanks for the reply! I understand that. However, I’m looking for specifics. When the user clicks the link in the confirmation email, I want to update/select where that link sends the user. Do you have details on the process/how to update, etc?


In the signup user workflow, there is an option to select which page you want the user to be directed in order to confirm their email.

Thanks again! Yes, I understood that part. Here is what’s happening, after the link directs to the confirmation page, it lands for about 2 seconds & then redirects to the Profile page. I want to stop it from redirecting to the Profile page & make it redirect to another page. That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

It sound like you must have a redirect on your confirmation page? There’s no reason users should be redirected otherwise.

Check what workflows you’ve got on your confirmation page.

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Thanks. I see nothing redirecting to profile page in the workflow.

Perhaps there’s something in your page header HTML? Or maybe a 301 redirect set on the page in your app SEO/Metatags settings?