Workflow for User Sign Up via confirmation email

I have set up a workflow for a new user but i need help with how to let the user continue the process after they receive the confirmation email.

The idea is that an admin sets up a user, then the user is saved in the database and an email is shot off to the new user to confirm their email. Ive verified that the email is set up correctly. I am sending “Current User’s Link” in the email and navigating the user to the confirmation page. Here is where I am having trouble.

How do I let the app know which user to save this info for? The app currently seems to follow the workflow but it is not saving any of the info for the new user Im trying to add.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Might need a little more detail, such as screenshots of the actions that are happening, or a link to view the Editor.

It sounds like the User is getting directed to the Confirmation Page no problem, which then knows to edit the User associated with that Link. So not sure what else and where specifically you are trying to save info for a User

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I have 2 types of Data Types that I am working with. First is the User, and the second is the Employee. Each User has a type Employee.

After the User clicks on the confirmation email, they are directed to the Confirmation Page. On the confirmation page I have the user resetting their password. After the password is reset, I want to direct them to a new page which I’m calling employee_sign_up.

When I am directing the user to the page employee_sign_up, I am sending the Current User’s employee to continue the sign up process. I have set the page’s Type of Content as Employee.

This is where my process is breaking down. Even though the workflow navigates to the right pages in the right sequential order. The data for the employee is not being saved. Could you please give me your thoughts on what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

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