How to confirm user has successfully set up stripe account?

Looking to get confirmation that a user has successfully set themselves up in Stripe Connect.

In my app (marketplace), the user clicks to go through the Strip set up (in Stripe). Stripe re-directs back to my app fine. However, I don’t know if the process was successful. Surely there is an API call or something I can do to check that user’s email with Stripe?

I see that you can do an API call to Get Customer. I’m assuming that the return will include a status of the customer. But the API call asks for the Stripe Customer ID. How do I get that? I do see something in the return URL (when coming back to bubble) but it quickly disappears and I’m left back on my app page.

UPDATE: It looks like the API call for Get Customer only returns the email and balance for the customer. So this is not helpful either.

Hi @tristan,
I’m not 100% sure about this, but after the redirect, the user should now have a field called “Stripe Seller account’s Id”.
This field doesn’t show up in the database view, but if you try to ex. use it in workflows, conditions etc or just for test print out the value to a text element, you should be able to see it.
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Hi @alanpieczonka Thank you so much for this. That’s pretty subtle. I did not read about that in the bubble documentation so this is very helpful.

I guess I can check if they have a stripeId but I’m not sure it means that they have successfully set up their account. I will try it though.

UPDATE: The only way I could find to do this was to use the Stripe API directly.

These are connected accounts. Meaning, your platform has ‘connected’ to them to allow them to sell. So, because they are connected, you can get their account details via the API using your secret keys.


Use the Bubble API plugin to allow you to build access to third party APIs.

Then set up the API like this screen shot:

A critical part is to enter the word ‘Bearer’ and then then the secret key.

Then call the API from inside your app using the ‘Get data from an API’ feature. Use the user’s Stripe Account ID as an input to the API call.

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