How to create a new user (email+password) in the Bubble Editor (data tab)


I’m new to the bubble community. I’m trying to create a new user in the Bubble Editor by adding a “New Entry” in the Data Tab.

Is this possible? I wasn’t able to figure out how to add a password to the user here.


You can’t do it that way. You can use the reusable login elements to do this.

OK, Got it. As long as I’m wishing that only the Admin is able to create accounts, I created the admin user using a Sign Up only screen and then restrict the access to this screen to Admin user.

Hopefully it will workout.


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Yes, that tends to be the way to do it.

Sorry I could not understand this.
I can go in design/data and want to be able to create userName and passwords.
Is there a way where I can simply create usernames and passwords and use only single email for all, this way only single email is used. I am building app for small office where we need to create temp userid and passwords on daily basis or may be for some users who may be around for long time but do not want to use their emails.

Just a simple way: Create UserID and password

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Hi, you can create a user the standard way and assign a temporary password. Not sure exactly what you are trying to do