How to create a preview type feature in

Hi bubblers,

I want to have this type of live preview feature just like the one in below image where user is filling the form and automatically he/she can see the change in live preview.

How i can achieve this in bubble?

thank you
Priyanshu goyal
Founder at

I would put it as a reusable element and setup things so the data is pulled from the DB…lots of other possible approaches as well. Maybe you could just use custom states.

I understood your first approach but how will you do this with the help of custom states.

I would use the inputs to set the custom state value and I would use the custom state as the data source for the ‘preview’

Hey @Priyanshu-Goyal :wave:

Not sure if you know about this plugin too. This would be to show the url preview. Link Preview Plugin | Bubble

You might already know about it, but I just wanted to give you the option if you haven’t seen it yet.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Yes i know about it, it is good. Thanks you

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