How to create a share post page?

I am struggling to create a share post page.
I can get the content of my posts to be loaded it in. I created a slug for each post and also tried to use the post ID in the post url, but it doesn’t work.
Is there a sample project by chance with a share page?

Maybe I am not using the right Data-Source for my Share post page.
I have type of content Post. Datasource is empty.

Thanks in advance.

Can you elaborate more on what you’re trying to do?

My users are creating posts. But I can’t share them because they have no URL. So I am trying to build a Sharepost page that is pulling the single data from Post. Like a Facebook see a post page.
But my problem is I cannot fill the share post page with my post content. Later I want a url like
to be able to share it to social media.

or simply asked: how can I see a post with a url?
how do I need to create a post view page to see a users post?

I see what you’re trying to make here.

Currently you’re structuring your elements to refer to the parent’s group’s thing - ultimately referencing to either a do a search for in a parent element or a current page's thing If you wish to create good looking URLs for posts, you would need to use a feature called slugs then have your page to refer to that slug

You mentioned in your first post that the Data source is empty so of course, it will not show anything.

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Yes, my post has a slug. but I cannot manage to get the right source for the parent group.

Type of content: Post
Data source: ?

You could do it similar to this.

Don’t mind the small nuance

Instead of page title use it for your data source

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wow so i need to search for the slug in the url in order to display that post.

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Sure do!

Here’s a more detailed explanation about slugs


I was hoping I could just pass the post slug to the post view page so that I don’t have to search for it. LIke I can pass the user name to a user page.

Don’t worry about sending a slug name and trying to search for it again.

If you viewing page has the type Post, then from the previous page when you do your “Go to page” action it will require you to send data, just send the relevant Post. Then on your post page just reference Current Page’s Post.

Normally the URL is https://yourdomain/[pagename]/[post's unique ID] but by setting the slug it will replace the unique ID automatically.

This also means if you didn’t want to navigate to the page, then copy the URL and share with people, instead you can get Zerqode’s copy clipboard plugin (or some JavaScript) and just hand-craft the URL but putting in dynamic data for the unique ID/slug.

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Thanks guys, really appreciate the cool Bubble community.

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