How to create an auto calculate scoring quiz

Hello Guys,

i am new to Bubble. I need to know how do you make a workflow that automatically calculate a score from a questions. For example 1 mark give when user click on a right answer and 0 mark give on a wrong answer?

Thank you!

Hi there, @rugading08… I have an app that does exactly what you have described, and the way I am calculating the score is by using a separate field in the custom data type where the answers are being stored.

Let’s say you have a custom data type called answers, and you create a new thing in that data type when a user answers a question. You could have a field in that data type… let’s call this field correct… and this field has a field type of number and a default value of 0.

So, a user answers a question, and you create a new thing in the answers data type. After the thing is created, you would have a step in the same workflow that changes the correct field for the newly created thing to 1 only when the user selected the right answer.

With this setup in place, you can sum a user’s correct fields for a given quiz and divide by the number of questions in that quiz to get the user’s score.

Anyway, I hope what I have written makes sense, and I hope it helps you get going with your app.


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