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How to Create an Automatic Match

I must say right away that I am still a complete newbie to Bubble.
And here is my problem:
How to make Match automatically work when swiping to the right (B2P application similar to Tinder, only when a user swipes to the right, Match should be automatically created, i.e. the second side must not be liked by user 1 for Match to work)
Thanks in advance for your help!

Have a field (call it “matches”) in the user data type that is a “list of Users”. When the person swipes right, “make changes to current user” → matches add

After that, I will have an automatic Match when user A clicks on Like?
And user B won’t need to like user A’s photo for Match to work?

It all depends on how you set up your app. This is all about what you display to your users. Using the term “automatic match” is the wrong way to think about it. Bubble doesn’t know what that is. What bubble does know is the set up of the database and what users are linked to other users.

You should watch some tutorial videos on setting up your database and understanding how data types work and how they are linked to each other (i.e. understanding the difference between setting a field to type: “text” vs type: “number” vs type: “data type”). What I described in my first reply was setting up the matches field to be of type “Users” which is setting it up as type “Data type”

The other thing you’ll need to learn more about is how to do searches within the database (i.e. “Do a search for”). This is what allows you to search for the linked (in the database) users and display them to the current user

You’re welcome

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