How to create Customer Accounts Data Display

Look at the picture attached.
I have created 3 data types 1. Customers, 2. Sales and 3. Receipts and pages for each of them so data can be recorded using those pages ( forms ) in these respective tables i-e Customer Entry page, Sales Entry page and Receipts Entry page.

My querstion (requirement) is to display data from Sales and Receipts datatypes so Customer Ledger can be shown for each customer. Refer to 4th table in attached picture.

Is this possible to do this type of data display by repeating groups where each Sale and Receipt entry should be displayed as next row and they shouldn’t be show parallel? I have tried that but it looks impossible so I created Data Type Customer Accounts for that and made workflows in Sales and Receipts Table that whenever Sale or Receipt Entry is made it creates a new Entry in Customer Accounts Data Type.
My question is that Is my approach fine or is there a way to display Customer Ledger in a way presented in 4th table of a picture.
I don’t think that its possible but I may have limited experience thats why am asking this question here and If there isn’t any way and creating Data Type like I have done is the only solution then what will be the db performence as always the workflow will have to create two entries in two tables. So db speed will be less…

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