Custom Events - Recurring events

I am using this blog post to learn how to create recurring events.

It uses custom events but I cannot work out how to do it. In the field custom event nothing is showing on the drop down box, there is no way to enter a new field. How do I create a custom event.

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You have to create the custom event workflow first. Then you will find it in the drop down to select on the ‘trigger’

On the Click Here to Add an event, follow that to create a custom event, it is in one of the selections.

ok, I will work on that. Thank you.

In the meantime I have been trying to work it out myself and i am having the problem that my start date is saving as a date in 2001 and completely ignoring my data entry. This is strange because the date end data entry is working.

Any ideas?

Ignore me - I fixed it :slight_smile:

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