How to create long url of a page

There seems to be a restriction on number of characters that can be used for page name (in turn used for page url).

This is very restrictive. Is there a way to create long urls of the page? From SEO and user friendliness perspective, we need to create bit more descriptive and non cryptic names.

I couldn’t find any answer to this in the forum. There is a question asked by someone: Long urls / page name . But this is unanswered.

Please guide what is the way here.

Are you talking about slugs? I just read the manual’s page on it and the limit is 250 characters.

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Aren’t slugs applicable to the pages with content type set to something? I just want to make a few pages which have some content in them without really having a data type.

Can I change slug of a page that doesn’t have content type?