How to create Repeating Events with custom dates?

Hello Bubblers,

I would like to allow users to create events with custom dates. Currently I am using musicians/maestro plugin to create events daily/weekly/monthly.

User flow that is currently in my app:

User selects start and end of the party + repeating frequency:

After selecting the above, user selects until when the party should be repeating

Then we show a list of events that are going to get created with this criteria:

I noticed however, that this is not enough flexibility. Often times the parties are taking place 1st weekend of the month for instance, and then it is better to allow users to specify custom dates for repeating events.

How would I go about creating such functionality? :thinking: Probably, I will have to use some plugins for it.

How I imagined the flow for user:

  1. Select start/end date for 1st event
  2. If repeating event then select daily/weekly/monthly frequency OR custom dates
  3. User selects custom dates
  4. Show another dropdown: How many repeating events with custom dates you want to create? Option from 1 to 10 events.
  5. User selects 5 events
  6. And here I would need to display 5 date pickers. Each new date picker would be event +1. As mentioned above, right now I am creating repeating events using several plugins. One of them is the maestro orchestra plugin. The other one is, data receiver and timeslot generator from jarged.gibb.

I think I could use here repeating group and then call orchestra on it and run a workflow on each cell of the repeating group using orchestra and value from each date picker. :thinking:

Below I will post screenshots that will help you have a look at some plugins and where I am creating events in the editor if you want to find that in the dashboard page.

Would appreciate if I could pick your brain on this one. :see_no_evil:

Link to the app Bachatainfulencers | Bubble Editor

Thanks for your time and ideas!


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Awesome thank you, what are the name of these plugins?

Here are the plugins I use:

Just decided to create 9 date pickers and create events one by one if date pickers are valid.

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