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How to delete text from a list of things?


I’m trying to remove text from a list of things and struggling to get it to work. Companies store their users within their database. When they delete a user out of their database, it doesn’t delete the user completely, it just removes the user from that particular company.

I can get rid of all the user information I want, however I can’t seem to remove the company from the user. Companies are a list of things on the user type, any idea how to remove the specific text from the list?

Hey there @deeknee,

Did you put the “Make Changes to a list of users” before you delete the user?

I don’t delete the user completely from the company. What I do is delete all user data the company has on the user. But then I need to remove the company from the user type, in the 2nd screenshot you can see I’m trying to remove Meeva, Inc from [email protected] but in the first screenshot that logic does not work.