How to deploy my app?

Hi all,

I’ve finally finished my MVP, so now it is time to launch it to the live mode! That said, how can I deploy it? I’ve never done this before and when I tried, it was not successful.

Thanks a lot for the support!

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Hi there!
You can deploy your app by going to Development»Deploy current version to live»(Add your description)»Deploy.



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Thanks a lot! I just did it but I’ve got a message informing I have to update the DNS settings in my domain page. Mine is managed by GoDaddy. So, how can I point my bubble app to my goDaddy domain?


I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that. Someone will hopefully answer you soon.

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Thanks bro

Go to GoDaddy, then go to manage, then DNS. In the DNS, you will create four “A” records that bubble tells you: two without www, and two with www. In GoDaddy, put the “name” entry that Bubble tells you into “host” and the IP address for each. Where it’s blank, type the @ symbol. Thus, you will have two entries with @ and two entries with www. Then save. One important thing is to make sure that you do not delete any other DNS entries or change anything else. However, if there are existing A records, you will have to delete those (just the existing A records, if any). Here’s the thing: you will need to wait for some time for the DNS records to take hold.

Before trying to verify with Bubble, go to google and type DNS check or something like that. Use any website that pops up. Type (without www) (and later in the DNS checker. It will show you the DNS associated with your domain. You should see the same numbers that Bubble gave you (it might take minutes to an hour for it to take hold).

Then go back to Bubble, and hit verify.

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I forgot to say, you will see outdated discussions on the forum about Namecheap and needing to use Namecheap DNS for GoDaddy domains. Please ignore those. As of this spring, you can directly setup through GoDaddy (because Bubble made it easier by no longer requiring alias).

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hI @deadpoetnsp! Thanks a lot for the hand! This is working fine!
What if I want to deploy my app to a subdomain I have created in GoDaddy as well


Hi @deadpoetnsp, I’ve tried this but GoDaddy doesn’t allow me to add A records with www in the name field. I reached out to GoDaddy support and they say I cannot add A records with name www, so I’m curious as to how you got this to work?

Sorry for the late reply. I think you will have to first create the subdomain in GoDaddy, and then plug that in to Bubble

You’ll be surprised to learn that GoDaddy’s reps don’t always have accurate information, or sometimes don’t provide the information in the right way. I suspect what they have been attempting to say was that you can’t have a www if it conflicts with an existing record (for example, a CNAME or another A record). In other words, if the DNS is told to go to two different places for www, it won’t work. I’ll try to get a screenshot of my DNS and postb it for you

@deadpoetnsp That is interesting. I was convinced I needed to switch over to namecheap just to solve this problem. I’d really appreciate a screenshot of your DNS records, thank you!

Here’s a screenshot of GoDaddy itself saying it’s completely fine to have www in an A record.

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And here’s a copy of my DNS

The only time you could have a problem is if there is already an existing www record (either in A or CNAME) and you would need to remove that first. Of course, as with anything DNS, proceed with caution before deleting existing records and keep copies.

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That worked! You’re a champ @deadpoetnsp thank you.

I just needed to delete the existing CNAME record that had a www and voila!

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I remember the day I deployed to live on a custom domain. Lost plenty of hair pulling on them LOL.

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