Move app to production


This is probably a part bubble question, part something else.

New to bubble, trying to move my MVP app to live (production) purchase the paid plan. Buy my domain names on namecheap, looking to 1&1ionos to host.
I then setup my .com in bubble, and bubble can’t find it, referencing a records and a IP address.

My dillema is I can’t restore the old state and I’m struggling linking the domains to the host and setting up servers and a records, to try and work with buble. I can’t even preview my app as the redirect is pointing to null.

I’ve struggling for 3 days now, and my project is pretty much at a standstill. Please can anyone help or provide a guide.

Best wishes,


Hey @keanld1!

Check out our video tutorials for setting up your domain. This forum thread may also be helpful.

If you keep having trouble, you can always reach us at [email protected]

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