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How to display advertising

Hi everyone. How do we ad spaces for advertising on our websites? I am sure this is really obvious but I can’t find how to do it, either in plugins or in the basic design section.

Many thanks


A good way is probably an HTML element, since Google (and others) would generally give you some embeddable code to put on your page. You can just paste the code in the html element.


i tried pasting HTML code given Google Adsence in a pop-up it shows nothing the pop-up id visible on page load and hides after 15 sec., but the pop-up is blank no adds, do i need to add other codes before I past Google codes?

Google codes : <script async src…------------- </script

Sometimes google adds take a little while before they will show on the page it takes them a little while to start showing ads under your newly generated Ad code. There shouldn’t be any reason why that wouldn’t work with the HTML element.