Need Help Implementing Advertising Into APP

Hello Guys, just finished my app but want to implement the ability to display ads on it. How do I do so?
Thank You!

Have you tried Google Adsense?

Its fairly simple. You can just place an HTML element on the page where you want to place the ads, define the size of the HTML element based on the ad size and enter the ad script into that HTML element. Make sure when testing you don’t have an ad block enabled on the browser.


Use the HTML(highlighted in the image) and place the advertisement script within it. If it’s your own graphic or something, then just post it as an image…

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Also how do I schedule the ads?

Thats a whole different can of worms. Check to see if the ad service has an option to schedule the ads first. That way you only need to place one html script on your page, but the ads change on the ad services end.

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