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How to display/filter data in Repeating Group by Letter of Alphabet

Hi Guys,

I have a repeating group displaying 800+ items alphabetically. What I would like to do is let use a dropdown to click ‘A’ or ‘B’ or ‘C’, and have all items starting with ‘B’ (and ONLY those items) display in the repeating group.

So far all I can get it to do is display certain ‘B’ items – for example, items such as ‘Grass B-22’ - this displays when selecting ‘B’ (which I don’t want it to do – I want items STARTING with B). But ‘Bills K-26’ does not. Biscuits B-22 does display, but not because of ‘Biscuits’ – it displays because of the ‘B’ in ‘B-22’. All of this suggests that Bubble is finding the ‘B’ in ‘B-22’ as a match, but not the ‘B’ in ‘Bills’. Note that I am using the ‘contains’ (not ‘=’) function (though I’ve experimented with everything I can think of).

Anyone know how to list items by letter?

Thanks very much for your help,

You can use an Advanced Filter for this…


Hey, thanks a lot! This is great, Nigel.



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