How to extract data from RG or from list

Hi all!
I have specific task to generate order list in text
F.e.: client added Product1 - 2pcs and Product2 - 3pcs to Basket then want to make an order
Button “Order” should create message like: “Hi! 2 Product1, 3 Product2”
Now i can only generate: “Hi! Product1, Product2 - 2,3”
I tried extract data from order RG and tried to extract data from DB
Please help me guys

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guys help me pls

you need the plugin RepeatingGroup Tools (BDK)

List shifter is the best free resource.

Hi, Robert! Could you help me How to extract all files separately to Repeating Group from List of files in database? RG Tool has already downloaded, but never use. Thanks in advance

I’m not sure how to do this with files. I’ve only done it with data from calculations.

Best if you can design it to associate the file directly to the record itself, if this is possible. It may help to know more about what you are trying to do exactly.