How to Extract Text in a Group

Hi Sirs,

Does anyone know how to extract text from a group? Is there a plugin that can help?

As shown in the image below, the full resume content is in a group with several text fields and repeating groups. Is there any method or plugin that can extract all the text from inside this group?

I’ve just attached the Bubble Editor link here. (No password is needed) It’s free to edit and try. I hope someone can help. Thank you!

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You can “Run JS” on the button to copy the text to clipboard:
you’ll be needing “toolbox plugin” to do that,
use this script; (document.execCommand(‘copy’);
Make sure you specify the Parameters you want to copy, otherwise it’ll copy everything including hidden texts.

Alternatively, you can use the copy to clipboard plugin, you can install that from the plugin gallery

Hi All,
I don’t know whether other solutions, but for now I fix this feature with 2 free plug-in.

  1. Copy Content Of Group To Clipboard
  2. Paste From Clipboard