How to filter data based on dropdown input

I have a data type called Job Post which has 5 fields, one of which is Status. The status value is taken from the user via a dropdown input.

I would like to have a separate page or group focus where I can show the job posts where the status is either Interested or Interview. How can I do that ?

Currently I am setting the Type of content of the Group Focus as Job Post and Data Source as Do a search of Job Posts with constraints. But the then Data source field gets highlighted as red. The error it is saying is that “Data source should be a job post but right now it is a list of job posts.” I want a list and not a single job post.

Hi Sharma!

To display of list of job posts, you would put a repeating group inside the group focus, remove the data source for the group focus and let the type of content be blank.

Then you would set the data source of the repeating group using two searches merged together:

The first search:

merged with the second:

Good luck!


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Ken Truesdale

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