How to fingerprint users

USE CASE: I have a free trial plan which lasts 7 days, I’d like to prevent user from signing up multiple times to abuse the system.

Is there a way to do this?
Tried several free plugins that offer fingerprinting but none of them function.

Welcome to the internet. They’ll always find a way around the blockers

Maybe require a CC on signup. Require the cancellation before 7-days

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I agree that people always find a way around the blockers, but only some of them. The majority will still be blocked.

Requiring a CC/phone number kills the conversion rate.

Hi, You can use IP Address

Unfortunately, they could just turn on a VPN and bypass the block.

I’d need a browser or device fingerprint.

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What if you store some ID data in the local storage? They will be identifiable until they clear the browser cache or use another browser.

There are multiple free plugins for saving data in the local storage.

Twitter is worth billions and they are failing at authenticating users.

Just do your best with a couple methods and that’s that. If your service is really important, they will pay the cost if it’s reasonable!

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