How to force RG scrollbar!

Hi… I have a repeating group inside a floating group that is loads a long list of things (manufacturers in this case). The floating group is accessible only on devices with width <960px. The problem is that there is no vertical scrollbar visible at all times. Scrolling itself works fine.

The scrollbar is visible when the RG loads and fades away after a second, and after that it’s visible only when the RG is pressed (or scrolled). I want to have the scrollbar visible at all times after the RG has loaded, as long as the parent floating group is visible.

I have tried a few CSS snippets in the HTML element from various resources but nothing seems to work:

Any help would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @deejay.shani
There is no problem. In fact the visibility of the scrollbar depends of the browser. As shown below, I implemented a RG in a floating group. In chrome (at left) the scrollbar isn’t visible unlike firefox (at right).

Et voilà :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi @mickceb … I was also getting the same results on Apple and Android phones (Safari and Chrome) and I thought I was doing something wrong or missing something. Thanks for the tip :grin:

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