How to Get Width of group within RG?

The concept is simple:

I need a way to get the varing width the child group that is within the parent RG.

I can’t find a way to read a group width within RG, only outside of an RG

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

This is because when you are trying to reference from outside of an RG, any element inside of the RG, you can not refer to a specific element in a specific cell…same concept for triggering workflows.

From within the RG, you can reference other elements within the RG.

What is your specific use case, and how do you currently have things setup within the RG and page, and be specific towards to concept of how you expect a user to interact with the elements in the RG, and the need to know the width of a single element in the RG or all instances of it at the same time.

That is literally it. I want the width of the child groups to do css animation, I need points on a screen for the keyframes that I can provide if I can some how get th width of the groups

I just need a method of a RG with a simple group that changes size based on a text. The text changes the size of the group.

I need to get the width that child group everytime it changes.

I have done thiss before with flutter but I am not writing code with bubble

So do you want to do that for every instance of a single element within the RG cells (this is to the point you have one element when you build it such as Text A, then when preview in run mode the RG has 20 entries, you have basically 20 Text A) or are you trying to target a specific Text A in a specific cell of the RG?

And how are you triggering this? Just based on the text changing size? How does the text change size, is that based on dynamic values or is a user typing something that populates it?

Generally it doesn’t matter how the text changes the box, I think. The originally problem I have been struggling remains. I haven’t found a method to access the width of a child within a parent RG.

I am trying to understand what arounds bubble’s limitations.

Are you trying to access the width from within the repeating group or from outside of the repeating group?

It does which is why I asked so that I could provide you a solution to your use case

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