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How to host & join and make a game with questions

I posted yesterday, and no one made any comment, hopefully someone can help me!!! Making this game is SSSOOOOOO hard!!!

So, I am trying to make a game that in many ways, is actually very similar to a game called "Blooket"

I am going to try to be as specific and informative as possible with what I need help with. I want a way to make a question set. Have an input for the question, have four answer inputs and a way to choose which one/ones are correct, be able to save the question and make multiple questions and save it. All I know to do for that is make inputs, but from there on… I need a LOT of help. I have never made an app on Bubble before.
From there, I want there to be a way to share the question set so other people can play it or make it “public” so you can search for the question set. Then, I want you to be able to play it “solo”. For now, i don’t need multiple game options, just to be able to play the game. I want there to be the option to “host” the game. That will consist of game controls such as, “an amount of time for the game” (that’s all I need for now at least). I want those controls to apply for single-player (aka. solo) too. Then, I want a hosted game to generate a code. I then need help with making a page where you can put in the game code, and your name in, and you will be in the game with your name showing. Then, for the host, a button that will start the game for everyone that joined.
Then, to have the questions (preferably in a random order) show up for everyone including the host. Then when the time is up, everyone gets taken to the page that means the game has ended, then you click a button (named “ok”) and on a different page, you get 10 more tokens. The store problem is a whole other category. for right now, I want to know how to do all that as well as the token part at the end. I realize this is a lot, but if you can help me that would mean so much!!! I would like a video tutorial, but if that’s too much work, I totally understand. Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!

Hi there, @laci.ellie246… I saw your post yesterday, and I almost offered some friendly advice then. Since you have posted the same thing again, I will offer that advice now.

It is unlikely that anyone is going to help you here (aside from possibly pointing you to Bubble’s tutorials or to other training-related resources) because you have admitted you know very little about Bubble, and you requested a video tutorial of what could potentially amount to high hundreds/low thousands of dollars worth of work.

If you want someone to help you build your app and you are willing to pay for their time, we can move your post to the jobs/freelance category, and I’m guessing folks would respond. If you want to build the app yourself, I suggest taking advantage of some of the amazing content out there that helps you get started with Bubble, and then post specific questions to the forum when you get stuck. It’s well known that the Bubble learning curve is a bit steep, but you can definitely get up the curve, and when things start to click, it’s a really awesome experience.

Again, just some friendly advice here, and I hope it helps.


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