Seo - Heading and Paragraph

I know how to tag a text as a heading (H1, H2 etc) in bubble, it’s pretty straight forward but I want google to also view the longer text in my app and I should tag it as a paragraph, and here’s the problem; how do I tag a text as a paragraph in bubble?

wait, so these are just like titles of the text? nothing that would matter or be read differently by google?

No SEO expert here.

@boston85719 Any thoughts on this?

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Yes, absolutely nothing to do with SEO.

That is how Google knows what tag for the text it is.

Not possible and no need, as I would assume, if it is not tagged as h1-h6 it would default to paragraph

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Okay so things on the first screenshot and on this one are completely different and the similarity between them is just a coincidence?

Your first screen shot is the Styles tab that shows you all of the styles for ALL element types. The screen shot in your most recent post is the Text element itself and is focused on the type of HTML tag for the specific text element.

It is possible to set the HTML tag type for text via the styles.

Alright, but if I understand it correctly, I can just leave it as it is because these h1, h2 tags are headings just as I thought and there’s no need for a paragraph. Thank you.

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